The 2017 NFL Season - Recap
Posted by poolmeister on February 07 2018 08:51:24
Well the 2017 season is over, and even though this season's Super Bowl did not have the excitement of last year, it was a pretty good game over all. It would have been helpful to me personally if the Patriots had won, but I still ended up in the money for the Playoff Pool and that is a good thing.

The money winnings have been paid out and another year of Fred's Football Follies has come to an end. There was a lot of excitement this year both on and off the field and depending on what and where you read it, attendance and viewership seems to be falling for the NFL. Some of it could be due to the fact that just about everything on TV can now be taped which would affect the viewership. All I know is that I watch it and will continue to watch it. At any rate, I hope you had a good time playing in the pool and hope to see you again at the start of the 2018 NFL season.

As usual, I am getting ready for the March Madness pool, so if you are interested and have not played before, drop me an email and I will get an invitation out to you. Spread the word to your friends and co-workers...the more participants, the higher the pot. For now sit back, relax and enjoy the summer.